Sarah i hope u are alright, not in strife or at risk or in trouble !!! ||||
i'm fearing psychiatric madning trick treatments/z like ect and or psychjabs/z all due to bs and me no longer on a cto or ito though fearing u yelled at a nurse and it landed u in a sitch against your will. i pray to God it wasn't u electrifiedd on november 1st 20z2 | ||| | | | | /

can someone tell me iv sarah is alright and hasnt been ect electricuted please tell me

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Wantedd: Girl from the newsagents the other day yourself not the lotto ticket. im sorry im a hopeless derogatory, please make my life better. contact me , iv you are who i think u are ask me or your sister for my recenter mobile number though yeah im not exactly sure who u are though i hope i get to. please hurry as my mind is more mirserble then the weather. obviously iv u were within arms reach that would be bs. anyway from daniel d ? DID SARAH GET ECT BS & is in hosptial ? if true life = hell

? IS SHE IN HOSPITAL ? THE PSYCHWARD ? MONASH ??? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME AS SOON AS ABLE CONTACT ME VIA im worriedd sarah is in the psychward or at monash university as a expriemental mental health treatment (torture) full bs that has my ex girlfriend being osciliatedd with multiple streams of electricity may someone contact me on facebook ( ) or call me ask me for mynumber though yeah please GOD and GOODNESS i pray im not in full hell 203am Thursday November 3rd 20z2

& i pray that no one i lovedd or caredd about is in hell either ! so yousz that sin and do the wrong thing remember everyone even yourselves are better off iv you dont sin and break hearts or bs like ect (mental health legal torture centres)